Patterson District Cemetery in Patterson, Stanislaus County, California, United States of America

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Aal, George Oscar
... to Bardon, Olianna

Bardwell, Grady Wilson
... to Buchanan, Charles Emerson

Buchanan, Hyson Vern
... to Correia, Mary Louise

Correia, Serafino Silveira
... to Drake, Savannah Mae

Drus, Joseph J
... to Gallegos, Josie C

Gallegos, Raymond
... to Guzman, Luciana

Guzman, Marcus Lorenzo
... to Howard, Sarah Keyes

Howe, Dolores Mary
... to Kuntz, Phillip

Kurrels, Doris G
... to Martin, Manuel

Martin, Manuel J
... to Montgomery, Neal T

Monzo De Peral, Maria Luisa
... to Parker, Robert Eugene

Parker, Viola Adeline
... to Regli, Julia Delores

Regli, Mary
... to Schaub, Melvin H

Schaub, Oscar
... to Stewart, Florence Mae

Stewart, Harry Henry
... to Truman, Fred Lee

Truman, Miriam L.
... to Wortman, Loda Ann

Wren, David Wayne
... to Zurcher, Sam Ernest

This webmaster made a Public Records Act request to Patterson District Cemetery and on 21 June 2021 they provided a .xlsx spreadsheet which you can download at this link.

This webmaster converted it into a pipe-delimited .csv file which you can download at this link.