Newcastle Cemetery in Newcastle, Placer County, California, United States of America

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Abare, Alva Helen
... to Barnes, Charlotte

Barnes, Donald Eugene
... to Bradley, Sarah (Evans)

Bradley, Walter Ross
... to Caspers, Martin D.

Caspers, Patricia J
... to Croom, Jack Donald

Crosby, B.
... to Dussault, Veldel

Dussault Dalena Vecin,
... to Forsberg, John Bertil

Forsberg, Sven Bertil
... to Gray, Patricia L.

Gray, Roy Everett
... to Hedrick, Joy Joan

Hedrick, Pauline Faye
... to Hutchinson, Richard Carl

Hutchison, Clay Austin
... to Keller, Bill Ray

Keller, Edwin E.
... to Leach, Lawrence

Leader, Benjamin Steven
... to Manooch, William Henry

Manos, Clifford William
... to Miller, William

Miller, William Lord (Jr.)
... to Navas, Dolores (Munoz)

Navas, Theodore Martin
... to Palma, Rafael Ruiz

Palma, Raphael Tiran
... to Queen, Lotta May

Queen, Marvin Loren (Sr.)
... to Rutledge, Kimberly Forrest

Rutledge, Virginia Ruth
... to Sippola, Alan Thomas

Sippola, Anna Johanna
... to Sugasawa, Miyoshi 'Vivian'

Sugasawa, Naka
... to Truesdell, Russell Mark

Truluck, Coy Lee
... to West, Walter J.

West, William Dean
... to Zizi, Thomas Albert

Zoller, Harold Morris
... to Zweig, Barbara Hiyama

The webmaster acquired the burial list 17 May 2021 in response to a Public Records Act request to Newcastle, Rocklin, Gold Hill Cemetery District.

You may download the .pdf file as acquired at this link.

The webmaster converted the contents to a pipe-delimited .csv file which you can download at this link.