Lower Lake Cemetery in Lower Lake, Lake County, California, United States of America

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Adams, Alba C.
... to Beverly, Douglas R.

Beviacqua, Mary A.
... to Brown, Ulysses S.

Brown, Verna M.
... to Christ, Nicholas J.

Christ, Wallace A.
... to Cunningham, Mary L.

Cunningham, N.J.
... to DuBoise, Blanche D.

Duboise, Leo W.
... to Fifer, Ollie M.

Fincher, Robert L.
... to Gentry, Wilson

Gentsch, August R.
... to Gruwell, Robert L.

Gruwell, Violet L.
... to Henley, Gemaine M.

Hennessy, Robert M.
... to Hutchings, Wayne Lavell

Hutchings, Wayne Lavell
... to Kesey, Emma

Kesey, James A.
... to Landrum, Lewis B.

Landsdowne, Helen E.
... to Lenz, Otto F.

Leonard, Elba M.
... to Lott, Dan L.

Lott, Dan L.
... to Mason, Arthur T.

Mason, Betty J.
... to Millsap, Rufus L.

Milovich, Dolores T.
... to Olk, Goldie L.

Olk, Goldie L.
... to Pierce, James L.

Pierce, Lois A.
... to Roberts, Amelia V.

Roberts, Irene Foster
... to Stone, Douglas C.

Stone, Douglas C.
... to Zurfley, Lester J.

Lower Lake Cemetery District responded on 1 June 2021 to this webmaster’s Public Records Act request by sending the burial list as a number of .doc files, the way they keep them. You can download these at this link.