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Add a cemetery operator

A cemetery operator may be different from the cemetery. For this directory, Example Cemetery, Inc., Example Cemetery Association and Example Cemetery Corporation are the same as Example Cemetery, because the operator runs the cemetery and does little or nothing else. The cemetery operator will be sorted as both a cemetery operator and a cemetery, and both links will point to the same page.

If a political subdivision or a religious organization runs the cemetery and does other things, then the operator and the cemetery are different. The city public works department is not a cemetery. The archdiocese is not a cemetery. An organization that runs two or more cemeteries is not a cemetery.

A special case recently arose. A political subdivision, Barstow Cemetery District in California, operates one cemetery. The district is not a cemetery, but they are Barstow Cemetery District doing business as (d/b/a) Mountain View Memorial Park. That case is treated as an operator that is the same as the cemetery.

Inclusion in this directory is free. You should take the time because when the cemetery name shows up in organic search results and the end-user sees the domain name https://cemetery.directory, that means quality information is there. Other websites feature only fragmentary information from a government-supplied spreadsheet. Cemetery.Directory is compiled entry by entry.

It is not easy. Surveys have been mailed out and more have been returned by the postal service as undeliverable than by responding cemeteries.

Some families will be searching for a cemetery to make pre-need or immediate need arrangements. You will want them to find you. Some genealogists will be looking for cemetery contact information. You might suggest that they are spending time and money to honor their ancestors, so why not donate money so the cemetery can maintain a dignified burial place for them.

If your burial list is not private, it is recommended that you post it as a both a downloadable spreadsheet and a plain document on your website. That will allow webmasters to include those persons in larger compilations, which will reach more persons who did not know where their ancestors went. The most convenient form would be a pipe-delimited .csv file, because otherwise malfunctions occur when names contain commas and quotation marks. The date of birth is important if it is in your records as it helps them determine that the person is or is not the same person on their family tree.

Any burial list should distinguish the surname from the given names. Consider names such as John Quincy Adams with two given names and Martin Van Buren with a two-word surname. Sorting them alphabetically requires a comma, or separate fields. Any information in the burial record that might help a genealogist should be included, such as the place of birth and place of death.

If your burial list is private, the website should make note of that fact. Be careful offering a query-based search box in that case, because there are tricks available for mining the entire database. In some cases, the end-user need only hit SEARCH. In other cases, the data miner can ask for all the ones starting with A, then all the ones starting with B, and so on.

When applying for inclusion in Cemetery.Directory, please be careful to use the correct form of the name, not writing “Saint Mark’s Parish” if the correct name is “St. Mark Parish” or vice-versa.

A cemetery operator located in the continental United States may use this form (.rtf file).

A cemetery operator located in Hawai‘i may use this form (.rtf file).*

A cemetery operator located elsewhere may use this form (.rtf)

Alternatively, a cemetery operator may simply send a brochure that provides the URL of the cemetery operator’s website, if the requested information is easily found there.

A cemetery operator may also send the required information in an email.

In any case, please specify if the cemetery operator is the same as the cemetery, and if not, provide a list of the cemeteries you operate, with the locations and contact information of each. Sometimes a cemetery’s contact information is the same as that of its operator, but sometimes it is different. People need to know.

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*Check out that genuine okina, with HTML code ‘ in Hawai‘i. How cool is that?