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Add a cemetery

This information is for adding a cemetery if it is different from its operator. Examples would include a cemetery operated by a city department, a cemetery operated by a diocese, or any cemetery operated by an organization that operates more than one cemetery.

The cemetery operator must be added, too. The cemetery entry must be connected to a cemetery operator.

If the cemetery and its operator are one and the same, such as Example Cemetery Association, Example Cemetery Corporation or Example Cemetery, Inc., then listing the cemetery operator is sufficient. In these cases, the cemetery operator is listed both ways, as an operator and as a cemetery, and both ways link to the same web page. How cool is that?

The form asks for information that positively identifies the operator. The name itself may be the same as another cemetery operator, so more information is requested.

In some countries, it is customary to omit the city name if it is the capital. Do not omit the city name or the name of the country.

Of course, you do not need to use the form, if you provide all the information needed.

To add a cemetery, use this form.