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If your cemetery has no
website, start one today. Use
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Historic Burial Ground.

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     There is no way to compile a complete directory of cemeteries. There are many abandoned and forgotten burial grounds.

     It took a while to understand that the task involves listing the cemeteries themselves, and in distinct lists, their respective operators, or offices. A house of worship may run one or more cemeteries, where there are no offices at the burial ground. Sometimes the cemetery and its operator are essentially the same. This directory will classify Example Cemetery and Example Cemetery Association as the same if Example Cemetery Association runs Example Cemetery and does little or nothing else.

     Add to this the difference between the physical address and the mailing address. This webmaster endeavors to provide both.

     The goal here is quality information, not quantity. I don’t just scrape what I find on other websites. I check. I build manually, often asking the cemetery operators for more information, or seeking out answers from websites that were not built with me in mind. I search the website GEONAMES.USGS.GOV for the Feature ID number. I search USPS.COM for ZIP Codes and county names.

     All the while, I am also asking the cemetery operators for their burial lists, so I can add the contents to my websites, SORTEDBYBIRTHDATE.COM and SORTEDBYNAME.COM.

     If your cemetery has no website, start one today. Use the business classification, Historic Burial Ground.

     Cemetery operators who want their information included here may email me, writing "ADD CEMETERY OPERATOR" in the subject line. Include the information, especially the URL of your website.

     Of course, it would also be a big help if you can provide your burial list, in a spreadsheet, such as a .csv file. If you have already provided this to another website, I cannot download it from there, because of their terms of service and because they would be trapping it behind a query-based search box. I share what I get, at https://sortedbyname.com/download.html.

     I realize that many cemeteries have not compiled their burial lists into a database that allows for such easy sharing. I also realize that many cemeteries keep their burial information confidential. I am seeking the information from cemeteries where neither condition applies.

     Whether the cemetery operator can share the data or not, all cemetery operators world-wide are invited to be included in this growing directory.

     Tom Alciere


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